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Manakeep 728x90
(Jun 13, 2012)
The fatman server :(
(May 20, 2012)
Lucky bastards won it too.
(May 19, 2012)
(May 19, 2012)
Champions League Final Chelsea VS Bayern Munich just kicked off, COME ON CHELSEA.
(May 10, 2012)
enz is on vaca btw
(May 10, 2012)
basilisk crag, send tells to blister, charlie.d, belcross, phar
(May 08, 2012)
sylvanas i got tera, what server are u guys on, i never see u on
(May 08, 2012)
Nobody cares about Enz.
(May 08, 2012)
where did enz go? i
(May 07, 2012)
If you need to find me I will most likely be leveling my jedi Arkonis fyi
(May 04, 2012)
I would like to meet them all and discuss their shit lives.
(May 02, 2012)
i wouldnt want to meet most of them...just sayin
(May 02, 2012)
Seven Billion people livin' under the stars, most, you'll never meet, they'll never know who you are, even though we're all gonna die here...
(May 01, 2012)
uodated mumble to allow for 25 users
(Apr 26, 2012)
I dont know if I can make the raid tonight since I have an appointment at 4pst and I dont know when ill be back.
(Apr 24, 2012)
oh hai
(Apr 23, 2012)
Enz, if you can't make it, make a post/shout or gmotd about it por favor
(Apr 20, 2012)
Only of you, sir. Only of you.
(Apr 20, 2012)
Doodle = untrusting.
(Apr 20, 2012)
Taking Donations for the guild bank send all credits to Endo via ingame mail.