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Semi / Feb 14, 2012
Cleared the last two bosses in KP 8-man normal, 1-shot Karagga after getting G4-B3 on our first attempt of the night.

Went in to EV 8-man HM last night and went 4/5 and got some solid looks at Soa as well. 1-shots on all four kills.

Grats to all who got loot, more hard modes and nightmare modes to come!
Semi / Jan 21, 2012
Good turnout for our first Eternity Vault run. We managed to fill all 16 slots with Legends and we downed the first two bosses in the 2 and a half hours we spent in there. Not bad at all for our first go. It looks like Monday might be a good day to go back in, so read up on the strats and see ya Monday! Signups are on the calendar.

Grats to all who got loot and thanks to everyone for coming!