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Endo / Apr 20, 2012
We have recently aquired alot of new faces for both PvP and PvE as some of you have seen these past few days and we expect more to come.

However at Legends we do not just take anyone, and like any successful team in the world we will need to slowly instill the way we do things into these people, especially in PvP where the most basic of slip ups can be costly especially as we're a forum presence.

We have some of the best players on the server at their individual classes, if some of you are not feeling very confident with your rotations and would like to higher them numbers on the scoreboards let us know and we can buddy you with someone.

The use of mumble is essential, and again in PvP the objectives come before scoreboard heroism.

Semi / Feb 28, 2012
Grats on downing HM Soa last night.

We also got some solid looks at NM Bonethrasher and should get him down on Thursday.

We brought in some pugs for those who had to go at raid end and extended to finish KP HM. While the HM Karagga kill doesn't count as guild progress, it was still easy enough where I'm sure we'll get him down no problem - probably even on nightmare mode.

Thanks to everyone for coming and special thanks to the 3 peeps from Vengeance Inc who came in so we could keep going. Grats to all who got loot!
Endo / Feb 25, 2012
Cheers to everyone who turned out to "carry" myself and a few others through our first run.

I took in quite alot and will watch videos/read guides if i need to remember parts, but i think i've got it for now.

Watch the Calender for future runs and remember that the group is open to everyone who wishes to participate, we will do one run through Karragas Palace and then start them on HM.

Blacklisted will also be joining in as from next week to fill the numbers.
Semi / Feb 21, 2012
Got Nightmare Mode Pylons & Council tonight and Hardmode Jarg & Sorno, Foreman Crusher, and G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator.

Grats to all who got loot.

We've extended our raid times by one hour, so we will be starting earlier at 8pm EST (7pm CST) starting Thursday. Please remember to show up an hour earlier. Same end time.
Semi / Feb 17, 2012
Pylon boss bugged out last night so we didn't get to obtain our Soa HM kill, but we did go to KP and we got our HM Bonethrasher kill.

Grats to those who got loot. More KP HM's on Monday (and maybe Soa if we find a fix for the Pylon boss bug).