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Missing / Bugged Codex Entries

Here's a thread about the missing / bugged codex entries for those trying to gather all the entries. all goes well with the run I'm paying to get into on Tuesday, I'll just need to kill...
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PvP info
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Tanking Stats Spreadsheet across this while browsing sithwarrior.comGoing to play around with it and figure out how it works. Looks pretty straight forward though, just copy & paste your class's ba...
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Armor Location Guide

found a link to this on shows where you can find all your set pieces
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This is the best Theorycraft site I've found so far:Sithwarrior.comStill too early to say if it'll go anywhere, but it does have a lot of good basic info for each class.
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Datacron Locations and More

Here's a guide I skimmed off the official forum before the wipe.Here's some info about Datacrons. I did not write this myself, credit goes to a guy named Crassus.The Basics:Datacrons are small cubes hidden throughout the universe of SWTOR. They ei...
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